CPI-Helper 2.1.0 – Some Improvements and Early Version of Plugin Interface

Here is a list of added features to CPI-Helper 2.1.0. If you want to know more or want to get in contact, visit our GitHub Page

We work on it in our spare time so please be gentle in case we do not answer directly to all GitHub Issues.

Added Size of Payloads in InlineTrace

SQL Syntax Highlighting

SQL will now be syntax highlighted when you are using the beautify button in body tab ob inline trace viewer. It does not reformat the SQL but maybe it helps some developers.

New Plugin Interface in Early Beta Stage

You will directly see the new Plugins button.

Plugins are small additions to CPI-Helper that were created by developers. The plugin engine offers a simple way to enhance the CPI-Helper. Until know you had to understand the whole source code. Nevertheless there are a lot of limits for this approach. Check GitHub to learn more.

When clicking the “Plugins” button, you get a popup with options to activate or deactivate plugins that are integrated in CPI-Helper.

For version 2.1.0 there is only one plugin shipped with the CPI-Helper. “Undeploy” shows an undeploy button in the message sidebar when activated.

Development own Plugins

You can find a first version of our plugin development guide in GitHub. If you have questions, please open an issue.

2 Gedanken zu „CPI-Helper 2.1.0 – Some Improvements and Early Version of Plugin Interface

  1. Kevin Laevers Antworten

    I love the CPI helper plugin, awesome! What I would really like is a button to download the actual CPI flow without navigating back to the package.

    Keep up the good work!

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